What is the promotion?

Registered Hilton Honors members will earn 2,500 Bonus Points per stay during the Promotion Period. The 2,500 Bonus Point award can be earned an unlimited number of times during the Promotion Period with this offer.


What is the Promotion Period for the “Points Unlimited” Hilton Honors promotion?

January 1, 2022 through May 1, 2022 (‘Promotion Period’)


What is an eligible stay?  

A stay is defined as the total number of consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, whether or not a guest checks out and checks back in again. For additional details, visit the Hilton Honors Terms & Conditions.

Are all rates included in this promotion?

No. A list of ineligible rates can be found under the Hilton Honors Terms and Conditions: Accrual of Points number 3. 


Do I have to register for this promotion?

Yes. Hilton Honors members must register for the promotion at HiltonHonors.com/PointsUnlimited 


I am not a Hilton Honors member; can I participate in this promotion?

Only registered members can participate. You can join the Hilton Honors program for free, register for the promotion and immediately be eligible to participate. Simply visit HiltonHonors.com/PointsUnlimited and follow the steps to join Hilton Honors and register for the promotion simultaneously. 


Which Hilton Honors brands are participating in the promotion? 

All Hilton brands are participating in the promotion.


If I already have a reservation, is it eligible for the promotion?

Yes, as long as the member is registered for the promotion prior to check-out of the stay and the reservation is for an eligible stay. Regardless of when a reservation was booked, any registered guests with nights within the Promotion Period will receive the promotion bonus.


If I check-in before January 1, 2022, or check-out after May 1, 2022, do I still earn credit for that stay? 

Members checking in before January 1, 2022 will receive credit for their stay if the stay is completed on or after January 1, 2022 and prior to or on May 1, 2022.  If you start a stay in the middle of the promotion period and check-out after May 1, 2022 you will not receive the bonus. 


Will I receive Bonus Points with the “Points Unlimited” promotion for any stays within the Promotion Period that I completed PRIOR to registering for the promotion? 

No. Only members registered prior to check-out will receive Bonus Points with the “Points Unlimited” promotion for nights within the Promotion Period.


When will the Bonus Points post to my Hilton Honors account?

Please allow 6-8 weeks from the completion of your stay for the Bonus Points to appear in your Hilton Honors account.


Will I earn Bonus Points for Reward Stays with the “Points Unlimited” promotion?

Yes – members will earn 2,500 Bonus Points per stay on reward stays. 


Can I register for other promotions if I register for this promotion?

Yes, unless stated otherwise in the Terms and Conditions of other select promotions, a member can register for multiple promotions.


Whom may I contact if I have more questions? 

If you have more questions about the “Points Unlimited” promotion, please feel free to contact us at 800-548-8690. Outside the United States and Canada, please dial + 800 44 45 86 67.